Fashion in the Middle East Region: Casablanca Up-and-Coming

Source: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

The Internet has redefined fashion just as it has communication and business. In the last ten years, the fashion community has morphed from a seemingly exclusive world of magazine editors and established designers to a greater global community accessible to more people, especially anyone with a computer and an appreciation of style. The Internet has also given rise to a distinct cultural movement: street style.

Bill Cunningham of the New York Times has chronicled street style for years. The Internet has expanded street style from a “Sunday Styles” feature to a thriving celebration of individuality and personal taste. Almost every fashion magazine features a street style section on its website, and countless street style blogs are read on a daily basis. Street style translates trends from figments of the runways into real life, identifying trends as they are actually worn. Street style also sparks mutual appreciation for an outfit regardless of the country or culture of origin.

Morocco and the city of Casablanca is rapidly emerging as an up-and-coming city in the fashion world. Significant economic liberalization in conjunction with increased work opportunity for women has directly influenced the growth of fashion in Morocco. Established European chains such as Zara and Sandro have expanded to Morocco, and Elite Model Management, one of the world’s top agencies, has recently opened an office in Casablanca.

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